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The Parish of Maberly-Lanark and the Parish of Parham-Sharbot Lake are unique  in that they straddle two dioceses and the share the services of  one incumbent. The Parish of Maberly-Lanark belongs to the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa and Parish of Parham-Sharbot Lake is part of the Diocese of Ontario diocese. We do not have many parishes that are configured this way in the Anglican Communion. We pride ourselves in being such a unique association of parishes. There are other interesting features about us that you will learn as you continue reading this profile.

The Parish of Maberly-Lanark
In its present form, the Parish of Maberly-Lanark  is the result of the 1966 amalgamation, of the Parishes of Maberly-Brooke and Lanark-Balderson-Fallbrook. All of these Churches began as mission churches. St Peterís Church in Fallbrook was part of this parish until it was deconsecrated in 1996.

For 130 Years, St Albanís has been the Anglican presence in the village of Maberly. Over the past years, the ladies have held Euchre/lunches to serve the area residents. We have people from as far as Sharbot Lake, Perth, Smiths Falls; MacDonaldís Corners from 60-100 people attend the monthly lunches. We have donated money from our church to the building of the Cathedral in Iqaluit ($5000), Salvation Army, Perth, Meals on Wheels for two recipients annually. We are a small and ageing group but continue to keep things lively-we are a noisy church and enjoy fellowship with parishioners at potluck lunches after our monthly service.  We also supported the Dignity house in Perth, a cancer respite centre and we recently got a golden certificate from themóGolden Sponsor.

St. Paulís Anglican Church, Lanark County
St. Paulís Church overlooks the village of Lanark from high on a rocky hill. The mission of Lanark dates back to 1819 and the arrival of the first group of settlers  to come to Lanark, trekking the 100 or so difficult kilometres from Brockville after the war of 1812. Legend has it that the first service was held in 1819 in an upstairs room somewhere in the community. The present St Paulís Church was build in 1842 on a land donated by James H. Manahan.

St. Johnís Church the Evangelist, Balderson
St. Johnís the Evangelist Church in Balderson was built in 1890 and became part of the mission of Lanark.

St. Stephensí the Brooke
St. Stephenís church is located 14km west of Perth, off highway 7 on a paved side road called, ĎAnglican Church Roadí. It is one of those unique churches on a road named after the Anglican church. St. Stephenís celebrated it hundredth anniversary in 2012. The Church exterior is stone and is kept in good shape. Below the main church is a well- equipped hall with a bathroom and kitchen. At one time the basement was used for Sunday school while parents attended church upstairs. A very active Anglican Church Women group organises several dinners and parties for which the proceeds are donated to the Church. Our prayer is to reach out to the young families and seniors in our community. Services are held every second week of the month at 11:00 am at St. Stephenís though the priest celebrates communion every Sunday in the parish.

The Parish of Parham-Sharbot Lake
St. Jamesí, Parham
St. Andrew's the Fisherman, Bob's Lake

St. Andrew's, Sharbot Lake
St. Andrew's is located at 1028 Elizabeth Street in the business section of Sharbot Lake approximately 10km north of Parham on Road 38 in Central Frontenac Township, about 5km west of Mabelry and 2km south of Highway 7. Church services take place at 11am every Sunday. Eucharist services are on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month and a lay reader leads morning prayer services on the alternate Sundays. Shared joint services with St. Andrew's and St. Jamesí Parham alternate between the two churches on the 5th Sunday of any given month. All are welcome! This is one of the meeting places for the cottagers during summer with some coming from as far afield as the United States of America. We look forward to seeing you at one of our vibrant and spirited services.For our facebook account please go to parishofstandrew'sanglicanchurch